TLP protests: Citizens pay tributes to police for battling raging mobs

KARACHI: Citizens on different social media platforms have paid tributes to police for battling raging mobs who staged violent nationwide protests against the arrest of the party chief across the country.

At least two policemen were killed and over 340 have been injured, including citizens, injured as violence erupted in major cities following the arrest of Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) chief Allama Saad Hussain Rizvi.

The protesters responsible for the violence — but the police are still on the streets, attempting to disperse the violent mobs.

As they sit home, waiting for the streets to clear, people in Pakistan have taken to Twitter to thank the police who are risking (and sacrificing) their lives to keep people safe.

Several areas in Pakistan have fallen victim to raging mobs, the burden of keeping people safe and keeping the protesters at bay has fallen on the police.

Islamabad Operations SSP Syed Mustafa Tanweer posted this picture of the brave men from ICT Police, who had been awake and on duty for 48 hours.

Meanwhile, Islamabad ASP Amna Baig reminded us what could have been if not for the police.

These pictures have touched the hearts and consciences of many Pakistanis, who are calling for the state to support the police.

The treatment of these officers has gathered sympathy all over the country, as people appreciate their effort, dedication and drive for public safety.

The police are not accorded the same level of respect as other institutions often due to their own actions in Pakistan but when we see policemen risking their lives to keep us safe, we have to thank them.

They need more than just a pat on the back for facing a violent mob that has no qualms about beating them to death. They need the support of the people and the state.

Police infrastructure in Pakistan is one of the most poorly managed organizations. It is aptly described as ill-equipped, poorly trained; deeply politicized and chronically corrupt despite all difficulties they put their lives in dagger to protect its citizens.