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TikToker Ayesha Akram skips court hearing in harassment case

Ayesha can be seen asking justice while addressing herself as a daughter of Pakistan (Photo: SHowbiz Pakistan)

TikToker Ayesha Akram, who was scheduled to appear before the court today, skipped the hearing in the Minar-e-Pakistan harassment case.

Ayesha Akram, who had been harassed by a mob of around 400 men at Greater Iqbal Park on the independence day was summoned by the sessions court in Lahore today in the same case. However, she decided not to appear before the court.

In this regard, the investigation officer (IO) in the case told the court that Ayesha despite being summoned has expressed her inability to show up in the court today due to poor health.

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Meanwhile, Akhtar Ali, one of the suspects in the TikToker’s ‘molestation’ case, who had come to the sessions court to seek pre-arrest bail, was roughed up by the lawyers as well as the people gathered at the court premises.

The other two suspects namely Shehroze and Akhtar Ali who appeared in the court were ordered by the court to cooperate with the investigators. The IO in the case told the court that both of them had not become part of the investigation as yet and that they had filed pre-arrest bails. The hearing of the case has been adjourned until September 23.

In August, the video of Ayesha being insulted, assaulted and harassed by the same men who kept pushing and pulling Ayesha to the extent that they ripped off her clothes went viral on social. According to Ayesha, several people tried to help her escape the mob, however, the crowd was ‘too huge’ and they kept throwing her into the air.

According to Ayesha, if a woman isn’t safe in her own country she isn’t safe anywhere. “Even I am a YouTuber or a TikToker, no one has a right to strip me naked for what I am what I do,” Akram was quoted as saying.

Ayesha was tortured for straight three hours, from 6.30 to 9 pm and no one came to rescue her not even the police. Ayesha was wearing a desi traditional shalwar kurta and never dressed inappropriately and still became a subject to public humiliation.