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TikTok to introduce new feature that allows users to block abusive content

Tik Tok's announcement to introduce an important feature to prevent inappropriate videos (file photo)

Tik Tok has announced to introduce new features will soon be introduced to the application that users can use to block inappropriate content.

In a blog post, TikTok said that our experts are working on such a feature, under which users will be able to block all the videos they don’t like to watch.

According to a report, with the help of this feature of Tik Tok, users will have to include all those words with hashtags in the ‘not interested’ feature, whose videos users do not like to watch.

For example, if a user does not want to watch dance videos, they have to add the word dance with the hashtag ‘not interested’ in the feed, similarly, someone who doesn’t want to watch fight videos can add ‘fight’.  Also, in the blog post, TikTok said that users will have to be very smart while using this feature because if they add the word dance to the feature, they will not get to see all kinds of dance videos.

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The Tik Tok management further stated in the blog post that our experts are also working on a feature called ‘Content Level’ through which content uploaded on the app will be recommended to people based on age, i.e. the above feature. Under which dangerous content will not be given access to minors or a warning will be issued on such a video, what is its safety score?

It should be known that Tik Tok has been criticized all over the world including in Pakistan due to inappropriate, obscene, and dangerous videos or content and for this reason, it has been partially banned several times in several countries including the United States.

Tik Tok has been partially banned in Pakistan several times in the past due to inappropriate and obscene content, while it has also faced bans in other secular and bold content-producing countries including India. 

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