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Three children abandoned by mother lived with skeletal remains for a year

KARACHI: A dead body of a woman was found in a drum, which was dumped on a vacant plot in Karachi’s Defense Phase 7 area, it was reported on Saturday.

WASHINGTON: Three children have been found abandoned by their mother in a Texas apartment lived with the corpse of another one for about a year.

On Sunday, three children along with the remains of their eighth year’s old brother’s corpse were living in a Texas apartment for about a year. The oldest sibling was fifteen, while the other two younger siblings had ages of seven and nine.

According to police, the younger brothers were dependent on their fifteen-year-old for food. While neighbors used to give the food to fifteen-year-old one and were not aware of the other brothers living in an apartment.

Moreover, the mother who abandoned kids was arrested along with her boyfriend from another apartment where they were living. The suspects were charged with injury to a child by homicidal violence and tampering with evidence.

However, Gonzalez, the police officer told the media, the situation was ‘very horrific’ and ‘very tragic’ for the children, who were living in deplorable conditions when they were found. As the remains of other kids were found in the apartment police added further that, “It seems that they were in there while the body was deteriorating”.

Meanwhile, the police got information when fifteen-year-old one had called them and for now, three surviving brothers are in the custody of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.