This MBA graduate sells ‘daal chawal’ rather than finding a job

Many people pursue an MBA to secure a good job but a young graduate Lahore has chosen a different career path for himself.

Arsalan, an MBA graduate in Lahore, is unlike other students who prefer to seek employment in multinational companies or seek lucrative jobs abroad. Instead, he has set a food cart on the streets of Lahore where he sells daal chawal.

Arsalan has used his business skills and branded his product as ‘Matka Daal Chawal’ which he sells in an earthen pot. He has also moved to Lahore to set up the business.  The main motivation for Arsalan was not personal need or the failure to secure a job but rather being his own boss.

While speaking to MM News, Arsalan said the main objective of pursuing an MBA is to set up a business and work as a self-serving entrepreneur rather than working for someone else. A person typically spends six years during an MBA during which 60 courses are bought and 40-50 projects are given, he said.

“We are taught all aspects of starting a business during MBA. After studying for several years, I was not convinced to work for someone else. If you have given your life to something then you should implement it,” he said.

Arsalan said the true blessing lies in setting up a business but people are still not convinced. He said nothing is added to his daal chawal recipe and is similar to the one cooked at home. “The important point is that taste of the food will remind you of the food cooked by your mother,” he said.

He said people are used to eating spicy food outside which is unhealthy and unhygienic whereas their food is similar to the one cooked at home. He said he learned the recipe from his mother and this special mint chutney is also liked by his customers

Many customers said they enjoy eating matka daal chawal from Arsalan. They said the food is hygienic and affordable. Arsalan said the biggest hurdle was to convince his family members for this new business.