Terrorist attacks on Chinese citizens, is Pak-China friendship splitting?

Terrorist attacks on Chinese citizens, is Pak-China friendship splitting? (Photo: ORF)

A terrorist recently blew himself up on the East Bay Expressway in Gwadar after a suicide bomber struck a convoy of four Chinese nationals under the joint supervision of the Pakistan Army and police forces.

So far, three children have been killed and one Chinese national injured in the incident as a suicide bomber was stopped 20 meters from a convoy on Coastal Road near Fisherman’s Colony. If this had not been done, the casualties could have been much higher.

China is rightly concerned about the loss of life as a result of this terrorism, which was openly expressed by its embassy, while this is not the first time that Chinese nationals have been targeted in Pakistan.

Terrorist attack in Dasu

Around nine days ago today, a Foreign Office spokesman said that the Dasu attack was aided by RAW and NDS and that the TTP Swat group carried out terrorism. The attack was planned in Afghanistan and some people have been arrested as well.

Pakistan requested the Afghan government to arrest the suspects, but the Taliban said they would not extradite TTP members to Pakistan. According to the investigation report, the vehicle used in the attack was brought from Afghanistan.

Earlier, a car heading to Dasu in Upper Kohistan exploded, killing 10 Chinese and three Pakistanis and injuring more than 30. Last month, FC personnel, Chinese nationals, and staff working on Dasu Dam were in the vehicle.

Suicide attack in Gwadar and China’s statement

A suicide attack in Gwadar yesterday killed three children and injured one Chinese national. Its embassy condemned the incident and called on the concerned departments of Pakistan to take practical steps for effective security.

In a statement issued here yesterday, the Chinese embassy said that Pakistan should take effective measures for the protection of Chinese citizens, upgrade the mechanism of security cooperation to ensure the prevention of such incidents in the future.

Who is responsible for terrorism?

In fact, India and the United States, along with their allies, are keeping an eye on the CPEC, as opposed to Pakistan and China, respectively. Many powers do not want to see CPEC succeed and Pakistan become a strong country.

Earlier, the fabric of the Dasu and Johar Town blasts was also leaked to the Indian intelligence agency Rai, and now Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry says the attack on Chinese nationals is a game of sabotage against the government’s economic vision.

Concept of a rift in Pak-China friendship

The leadership of the People’s Republic of China knows that Pakistan’s law enforcement agencies may have difficulty in preventing terrorism in a timely manner, as we have lost precious lives in Dasu and Gwadar, therefore, further investigation is needed. 

The notion of a rift in the friendship between the two countries is not correct, but the Chinese embassy’s demand that Pakistan should tighten its security arrangements and further upgrade its investigative procedures to avoid such incidents in the future is justified.

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