Unemployment, increasing inflation: Why is PTI failing to address basic issues?

The people in Pakistan are facing double jeopardy as the unemployment is increasing with every passing day and on the other hand sky-rocketing inflation has plunged many below the poverty line. Though the employment and inflation situation was not ideal

Layoffs and unemployment during pandemic

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has lead to at least 1.3 million infections around the world killing over 60,000 people. In Pakistan, more than 4000 people have been infected while sixty people have lost their lives. The situation is expected to

Father of four commits suicide due to unemployment in Karachi

KARACHI: A middle-aged man committed suicide on Wednesday night in Karachi, reportedly because of financial limitations, he was unable to provide to his family. Police officers said he sprayed his body with kerosene oil and set himself on fire. He