Tania Aidrus

SAPMs step down

The prime minister has been often criticized for having an extended cabinet including several advisers and special assistants. There has been a stiff tussle among the party members that these unelected officials have taken over policymaking. This was revealed when

Tania Aidrus announces to resign as SAPM Digital Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Digital Pakistan Tania Aidrus has announced to resign from her position.  The special assistant said the criticism levied towards the state as a consequence of her citizenship status is clouding the purpose

Tania Aidrus vows to bring Paypal, cryptocurrency to Pakistan

KARACHI: The head of Prime Minister’s ‘Digital Pakistan’ initiative, Tania Aidrus, has pledged to bring digital payment provider PayPal and introduce cryptocurrency in the country. The former Google Executive said that she will play her role in solving the problems

Google executive quits job to lead Digital Pakistan initiative

ISLAMABAD: A senior Pakistani executive of Google Tania Aidrus has stepped down from her position at the tech giant to lead Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Digital Pakistan initiative. She has arrived in the country from Singapore to offer her service