Snake with three ’emoji’ smiley faces sells for $6,000

GEORGIA: A snake with smiling face emojis has been sold in the United States for  6,000 (over Rs. 942,000). According to Indian media, the snake owner has been working on snake breeding since 2003. He wanted to breed dark golden,

Two-headed snake found in woman’s house

A woman in the United States found a two-headed snake in her home. A woman named Jeannie Wilson of North Carolina recently found a two-headed snake in her house. She shared the clip of the reptile on Facebook with the

Children shouldn’t be sent to schools during pandemic: Meera

LAHORE: Actress Meera has expressed concern that children should not be sent to school during the coronavirus pandemic. While expressing concern, Meera said that she would have done the same for her child if she had one. Meera revealed that