OGRA forms 22 enforcement teams to inspect oil depots

ISLAMABAD: Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has decided to activate 22 enforcement teams aimed at inspecting oil depots across the country and ending the artificial fuel shortage. OGRA spokesman said the teams of the regulatory body along with the

Fuel shortages

An unusual situation has been observed leading to a shortage of petrol and diesel at fuel stations across the country adding to the miseries of people. The government has reduced the price of petrol but people still have to endure

Minister warns of action against OMCs creating petrol shortage

ISLAMABAD: Minister for Petroleum Omar Ayub Khan said the government has decided to take stern action against oil marketing companies (OMCs) and dealers creating artificial shortage of petroleum products. In a tweet, the minister said that it has been decided

Petroleum Division raises concerns over artificial petrol shortage

ISLAMABAD: The Petroleum Division has expressed concern over the artificial shortage of petroleum products being created in the country by oil marketing companies (OMCs) and petrol dealers. The Petroleum Division issued a statement stating that there is sufficient quantity of

Food shortages amid lockdown

While the prime minister continues to face the heat over not implementing a nationwide lockdown, the government has tightened some restrictions amid the coronavirus crisis as the number of cases keeps rising across the country. As several parts of the

Shortage of masks hinders coronavirus operations in country

PESHAWAR: The lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks has hindered the government’s attempt to protect its healthcare staff and to avoid deadly coronavirus which emerged from bordering China. A health expert based in Islamabad said, “PPEs are most

No shortage of wheat in country: Federal Minister of National Food

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister of National Food Security and Research Khusro Bakhtiar on Tuesday informed the Senate that four million tons of wheat were present in the public sector and there was no shortage of commodities in the country. In a

Balochistan Govt takes notice of flour shortage in province

QUETTA: On Monday, Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal ordered commissioners and deputy commissioners to ensure the supply of flour and wheat at the provisional government rates. Taking notice of the increase in flour rates, Jam Kamal promised to take action

Zafar Mirza takes notice of life-saving medications’ shortage

ISLAMABAD: On Monday, Dr. Zafar Mirza, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for National Health Services, took notice of the shortage of life-saving drugs in the market and ordered the Pakistan Drug Regulatory Authority (DRAP) to ensure the supply of

Gas shortage may increase double in next year

ISLAMABAD: The federal government on Wednesday stated in the cabinet meeting that the deficit would nearly double next year unless infrastructure challenges were phased out through the cooperation of the related stakeholders, especially Sindh. At a meeting of the Cabinet

Gas crisis

With a sudden drop in temperatures across the country, the gas crisis has also deepened compounding the miseries of citizens. Just like unannounced loadshedding are witnessed in scorching summers, there is now an acute gas shortage every winter. The total