Australian airline Qantas celebrates subdued 100th birthday

SYDNEY: Australia’s Qantas Airways, the world’s third-oldest airline, marked its 100th birthday during its toughest year yet due to the coronavirus pandemic. Chief Executive Alan Joyce said the airline is looking to the future with optimism.  “Qantas every decade has

Longest non-stop passenger flight arrives in Sydney

SYDNEY: The longest non-stop passenger flight touched down in Australia Sunday morning after more than 19 hours in the air, a milestone journey from New York that Qantas hopes to parlay into commercial success. Qantas flight QF7879 took 19 hours

Longest non-stop flight to take off from New York to Sydney

NEW YORK: A plane and its passengers are set to test the mental and physical limits of long-haul aviation when Qantas operates the first direct flight by a commercial airline from New York to Sydney this weekend. In the first