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Facebook allows brands to communicate with customers on WhatsApp

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook is rolling out new ways for businesses to find and chat with potential customers on its apps, the social media company said, as it seeks to become an online shopping destination. The new features will help Facebook,

WhatsApp allows users to send messages without typing

SAN FRANCISCO: WhatsApp users can easily send messages without even typing them on the messaging app – all thanks to digital assistants. You just need to ask the virtual assistant to send a WhatsApp and then your work will be

WhatsApp rolls out disappearing messages for all users

SAN FRANCISCO: WhatsApp has rolled out the feature allowing all users to send disappearing pictures and videos. The feature has moved from the beta phase and anyone using the Facebook-owned messaging app can share a photo or video in “view

Instagram to restrict adults from messaging teenagers

SAN FRANCISCO: Instagram is introducing new policies to prevent adults from direct messaging teenagers who don’t follow them to moderate content and making sure users especially minors are safe. Many of the changes focus on direct messaging, where Instagram users

We don’t share messages with Facebook: WhatsApp clarifies on privacy policy

SAN FRANCISCO: WhatsApp has issued a new blog post clarifying its privacy policy and reiterating that it does not share private messages or sensitive location data with Facebook. WhatsApp is facing a trust-crisis after it issued an update to its