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India gifts Bangladesh 1.2 million vaccine doses

DHAKA: India gave 1.2 million free doses of the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine to Bangladesh, its foreign minister said, as Dhaka urged New Delhi to maintain a regular supply of shots to battle the pandemic. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made

10 Perfect Mother’s Day Presents To Gift Your Mom

There is only one day left for Mother’s Day and our moms really do deserve the best gifts on this special occasion dedicated to them. Here are 10 best gift ideas to buy for your mom on Mother’s Day: 1.)

Owner gifts kebab shop to employees after German attack

BERLIN: The owner of a kebab shop targeted in a deadly far-right attack in the German city of Halle last month has gifted the eatery to the two brothers who were working there during the shooting. Siblings Ismet and Rifat