Nationwide polio eradication campaign begins today

ISLAMABAD: A five-day nationwide polio eradication campaign commenced on Monday during which 45 million children below five years age will be administered anti-polio vaccine across the country. This is the first nationwide campaign in the country after its four-month suspension

Smallpox – the infectious disease now eradicated worldwide

The world is currently suffering from coronavirus pandemic which has infected 3.8 million people and killed at least 274,000 around the world. Today we also remember another pandemic which took millions of lives every year until it was finally eradicated

IDB approves $10 million to Pakistan for polio eradication

ISLAMABAD: The Jeddah based Islamic Development Bank on Wednesday has approved $10 million for Pakistan to eradicate polio in the country. While addressing the launch event of “Support of Pakistan Polio Eradication Program (2019-2021),” Hammad Azhar, Federal Minister for Economic