Chinese drugmakers to supply more than half a billion vaccines to COVAX

GENEVA: The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) has signed two advance purchase agreements with Chinese drugmakers Sinopharm and Sinovac to provide up to 550 million COVID-19 vaccines to the COVAX programme. The new deals include up to 170

WHO warns of vaccine doses shortfall through Covax

GENEVA: The World Health Organization warned that a shortfall in COVID-19 vaccine doses going through the Covax programme in June and July could undermine the efficiency of the roll-out. Covax was set up to ensure equitable distribution of vaccines, particularly

US to distribute 80mn coronavirus vaccine doses globally

WASHINGTON: President Joe Biden outlined his plan for the first of 80 million coronavirus vaccine doses that the US will distribute globally before July, with 75 percent of shots disbursed via the Covax program. In a fact sheet, the White

Pakistan to receive more than 10mn coronavirus vaccines from COVAX

GENEVA: Pakistan, Nigeria and Indonesia will be among the biggest recipients of free COVID-19 vaccines before June and received more than 10 million doses each from the Covax scheme. Some 238.2 million doses will be distributed around the world by

G7 leaders increase contribution to COVAX facility

LONDON: The Group of Seven leaders, who control a little under half of the world’s economy, have doubled their contribution and pledged billions of dollars to the UN-backed COVAX facility. “We will intensify cooperation on the health response to COVID-19,”