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Stop political engineering factories in agencies: Nawaz Sharif

LAHORE: Ousted prime minister and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) supremo Nawaz Sharif once again lashed out at the armed forces, accusing them of being involved in political matters.

Addressing the Lahore rally of Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), Nawaz Sharif, while referring to armed forces, said, “Stop political engineering factories in agencies.”

The PML-N supremo claimed credit for making the country the 7th atomic power and resolving its energy crisis. “When I came into power in 2013, we ended gas, electricity load shedding and rooted out terrorism from the country,” he claimed.

“Prime Minister Imran Khan was not only responsible for the country’s prevailing woes but also those who brought him into power,” he said, adding that they pushed the country into unprecedented inflation and unemployment.

Nawaz Sharif further said that PM Imran’s cronies were minting money out of the wheat and sugar crisis. “My only crime is that I speak truth… I am fighting your case,” he told the crowd.

“The selected Prime Minister says I won’t give an NRO. Who is asking you for an NRO? You and Aleema Khan got an NRO from Saqib Nisar yourself,” Nawaz asserted.

Former premier also said his narrative is same as of the country’s founder, Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and added that he was not demanding anything which is against the country’s interests.

“The PDM’s movement has given a clear and loud message that if rule of this fake regime continues, it will jeopardise the country’s security,” he said, adding that the country can never prosper without a change in system and under hijacked democracy.

He said, “Time has come to get freedom from this selected set-up,” while urging his supporters to participate in the anti-government movement to remove it from power.

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