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Solidarity expressed with Gharida Farooqi over social media campaign

gharida farooqi

KARACHI: After the speculations about prominent anchor Gharida Farooqi as the woman in Zubair Umar’s leaked obscene video, the prominent figures are showing solidarity with the anchor and terming the campaign as a ‘dirty trick.’

The anchor has been trending on Twitter in Pakistan after the speculations.

Expressing his support, journalist Umar Cheema said: ” They’re not making dirty trends. They’re spitting out dirt parked inside them. They’re scum of the earth.”

Here are some major tweets supporting the anchor .

The former Sindh governor was purportedly seen in a video having an intimate moment with an unidentified woman. Since then, social media users believe that the woman is non other than Gharida Farooqi.

Why Gharida Farooqi?

Many social media users have made a bizarre claim that well-known anchor Gharida Farooqi was the mysterious woman in the leaked video.

According to the leaked viral video, the woman can be seen wearing the same watch and pants as Gharida in one of her interviews. Social media users were quite sharp enough to point out the similarities.