Smart lockdown imposed in 44 houses of ​​Malir

High-security alert issued in Karachi over terror threats

KARACHI: Sindh government has decided to implement a micro smart lockdown around 44 houses in Malir district.

At least 330 cases of coronavirus have been reported from different parts of Malir. According to Deputy Commissioner Malir, in areas with smart lockdown, citizens should not go out of their homes, however, anyone person in the house will be allowed to go out for necessary purchases.

The notification issued for the implementation of micro smart lockdown states that all businesses except grocery and medical stores in the affected areas will remain closed.

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The notification clarified that public transport would not be allowed in the affected areas and social events would also be banned. Industrial units will remain closed in the affected areas.

The decision to implement a micro smart lockdown has been taken on the recommendation of the District Health Officer. The lockdown will last until 16th October 2020.

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