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Sindh police chief issues alert over possible terror attacks

Possible sabotage acts could be carried out from September 4 to 7. (Source: Google)

KARACHI: Sindh police chief Mushtaq Mahar has issued a threat alert about possible terror attacks in view of intelligence reports and interrogations of militants of different groups conducted by counterterrorism wings.

According to a circular, the top police officer warned that the possible sabotage acts could be carried out in the early days of September, especially from September 4 to September 7.

“The miscreants could use locally made crackers and hand grenades in Pakistan, especially in the interior parts of Sindh, to cause lawlessness or an environment of fear and intimidation”, he said in the circular.

The police chief has directed the relevant police officials to ensure the provision of security at railway stations, bus terminals, markets, wholesale fruit and vegetable markets, and other such places in their jurisdictions where people usually gather in large numbers.

He has asked the officials to beef up patrolling by policemen to ensure that the life and property of citizens and government officials remained fully secured. According to the circular,  the field police officials should not remain absent from any duty point in their jurisdiction.

Mushtaq Mehar further asked the police officials to remain in touch with the relevant officials of the Special Branch and other law enforcement agencies. The circular has been sent to the range, zonal additional IGPs, DIGs, SSPs and SPs in districts.

Sindh lists 93 new wanted terrorists

On June 4, the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) in Sindh had issued the ninth addition of its ‘Red Book’ containing names of terrorists wanted by the Pakistan government, especially by the Sindh government. The new addition contains the names of notorious terrorists, including commanders and terrorists associated with Dae’sh.