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Monday 25th September 2023 / 10 Rabiulawal 1445

Saudi man rams car into Makkah’s Grand Mosque

MAKKAH: A speeding car driven by a Saudi citizen rammed into the Grand Mosque in Makkah on Friday evening.

Videos posted on social media shows the car ploughing through plastic barricades in the outer courtyard of the mosque, before driving straight into one of the large doors.

Reports suggest that the car was driven at high speed on a road surrounding the southern square of the Grand Mosque. This incident is reported to have taken place at 10.25 PM Saudi time.

According to Saudi media, the incident was an accident caused by a car drifting and traveling at high speed on one of the roads surrounding the southern square of the Grand Mosque, also known as Masjid Haramain.

“By the grace of God, no one was injured,” a Saudi news agency quoted the official spokesman of Makkah region Sultan Al-Dossari.

Saudi security authorities arrested a man who was pulled from the car. However, no one was hurt in the incident.

Saudi investigators said the driver of the car was a Saudi citizen who was “in an abnormal condition.” The Grand Mosque is being operated normally with no closure.

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