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Sania Ashiq decides to take legal action after facing targeted harassment

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LAHORE: Member of Punjab Assembly (MPA) Sania Ashiq has announced to take legal action against an alleged obscene video of her which went viral.

MPA Sania Ashiq took to her social media account and revealed to take legal action against her leaked video which was widely circulated on the internet.

Sania wrote, “All this campaign is only strengthening my belief in divine justice and towards my political ideology. The fact that opponents stoop this low is proof that we are on the right path. My commitment to my party and my leader has multiplied manifold.”

She further mentioned that she will follow the footstep of her party’s leader saying, “I follow Hazrat Muhammad (s.a.w.) who was told to say: “(Quotes ayah from Quran) and follow Nawaz Sharif who rested his case with Allah on stairs of courts. I too say this on oath that every single person maligning me, I ask Allah to do justice to each one of you.”

Moreover, Sania Ashiq posted the letter on her Twitter account in which she made a complaint to Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and Cyber Crime Bureau to report the accounts which are posting content against her dignity. 

She asserted, “I have decided to follow all legal procedures to identify such accounts & report them to relevant authorities; because being a member of legislative assembly it’s my duty to follow the rule of land wherever possible. I’ve to prove to every girl that this society still cares for us”

Meanwhile, talking about how all this situation has affected her father during the last hours of his life she added, “A targeted harassment strategy starting with hundreds of threatening calls, third-grade songs on TikTok, repulsive posts on Fb, random clips associated to me; has now culminated at using a picture of my father literally during last hours of his life, moments I can never erase from memory.”

It all started when an indecent video of the PMLN MPA was circulated multiple times on different social media platforms after which debate started whether the compromising video was real or fake.

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