SAI expresses concern over low gas pressure

Gas shortage may increase double in next year
KARACHI: SITE Association of Industry (SAI) on Sunday expressed concern over low gas pressure in the industrial area, as it is severely affecting the production activities and creating troubles for the industrialists to fulfill export orders on time.
In a statement SAI President Mohammad Suleman Chawla appealed Prime Minister Imran Khan to take serious notice of the situation and order the Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) to supply gas with pressure as per the requirement of the industries.
The industries in the metropolis compiled to stop its activities due to the shortage of gas. Industries located in different parts of the city are severely affected by the gas shortage.
With dropping temperatures in the metropolis, the natural gas crisis has worsened day by day. Due to the CNG outage Commuters in Karachi and elsewhere in parts of Sindh faced immense problems in reaching their destinations and workplaces due to closure of CNG. Many areas affected by Gas load-shedding and low gas pressure include Nazimabad, Malir, and Federal B Areas, Industrial area and North district of Karachi. 
Meanwhile, the Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) has failed to give any solid explanation behind the severe gas crisis.
In many cities of the country, the Compressed Natural Gas(CNG) sector has been hit by the crisis and CNG stations were ordered to remain closed for 66 consecutive hours, from Tuesday 2 pm till Friday, December 20th, at 8 am.
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