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Monday 14th June 2021 / 3 Zulkaedah 1442

Meet Rabia Zulfiqar, one of the youngest Pakistanis to author book on practical dentistry

LAHORE: Pakistani girl and dental technologist Rabia Zulfiqar has written a book on practical dentistry, becoming on of the youngest Pakistani author on the subject.

The book titled ‘Rabia’s Manual of Prosthodontics’ was published in 2017 and is launching its second edition. It has been shelved in Pakistan’s biggest library, Quaid-e-Azam Library located in Bagh-e-Shireen, Lahore.

Rabia Zulfiqar, aged 25, graduated from King Edward Medical University (KEMU) Lahore as a Dental Technologist. She was the first medical student from her area and first medical graduate from her family.

She was a distinction holder and gold medalist in sports and her academic. She received more than 100 certificates in academic, sports, and welfare during graduation. She was also awarded a scholarship in Allied Health Sciences.

She has also published seven international publications. She has three years of professional experience and started practice during her studies due to her enthusiasm and passion.

She worked as a reviewer in Indian and UK’s research journals. She is currently working as Research Associate in an international research incubator. She is also certified from Indian scientific research incubator.

Her book is being studied by medical students. It is also shelved in her alma mater’s King Edward Medical Library and other medical libraries in Lahore and Islamabad.

She is the founder and President of Dental Health Awareness Programme at KEMU, Lahore. She has given free services of dental examination and oral hygiene health instructions in several schools in Lahore.

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