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Friday 30th September 2022 / 3 Safar 1444

Politics on coronavirus

The has been a war of words between the federal and Sindh government at a time when the province is undergoing a pandemic and many people are struggling to even make ends meets for their families. This time it was started by a few PTI members and lawmakers elected from Karachi.
Ever since the first coronavirus case was reported in Sindh, the provincial government took swift measures, converting hospitals into wards patients and setting up quarantine centres. In the second phase, all markets and shopping centres were shut and the bitter decision was made to impose a complete lockdown.
It cannot be denied that the Sindh government took all the feasible and necessary measures, but there was no recourse for daily wage earners and the decision to provide rations to the poor has been delayed. This provided political opponents with an ideal opportunity to draw their guns towards the Sindh government.
Provincial ministers struck back and criticized the federal government for its non-serious attitude and the lack of safety measures. Criticism is the easiest defence when your flaws, mistakes, and weakness are being revealed. The PTI and the Sindh government have traded barb with one another over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic. While people are awaiting rations and food supplies, both sides have resorted to usual politicking over taking inadequate measures.
There has been criminal negligence in the delay of food supplies. The Sindh government has issued millions to local government administrations which are being usurped by the deputy commissioners. In six districts of Karachi, it has been revealed that the amount disbursed is surprisingly even more than the allocation. The embezzlement is common in District West, South and Korangi where the needy are still awaiting supplies.
While the Sindh government is unable to provide food supplies, the PTI lawmakers from Karachi started pointing fingers rather than helping them. These lawmakers are not even accessible to their own constituents who have been crying for assistance to no avail. Instead, they held media briefings to criticize the Sindh government in the strongest terms which I will not mention in further detail.
The PTI lawmakers are wealthy individuals and could help their own constituents, but instead, an environment is being created to lash out at political opponents on every opportunity. The number of needy could increase in the upcoming month and no provisions will be handed out. Both sides are concealing their flaws and the people have the most to lose.
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