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Saturday 26th November 2022 / 2 Jamadilawal 1444

Policeman threatens woman to maintain illicit relationship

GUJRANWALA: A woman has lodged a complaint against a local policeman for allegedly threatening and forcing her to maintain an illicit relationship with him.
The woman named Mehak Amanullah, who is a resident of Mubeen Town, has lodged a complaint against police constable Sheikh Jawad for blackmailing and threatening that he would send her along with her family members to prison if she did not keep a relationship with him.
She claimed that Sheikh Jawad and security incharge Pervez came to their house and threatened to lodge a fake gambling case against her husband, uncle and nephew. She said her family members were taken to the local police station and tortured by the policemen.
She complained that the policeman misbehaved and molested her while her family was taken to the police station. The policeman also forced her to give him her personal mobile phone number despite repeatedly pleading that it would ruin her respect in front of her family. She said the police constable called her the next day and threatened her to maintain an illicit relationship with him.
The woman claimed that she has the recording of the police constable’s calls in which he also threatened to lodge a fake case against her family. She appealed to law-enforcement officials to take swift action against the police officers who had threatened and attempted to discredit her reputation.
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