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PM postpones UK visit amid US troops withdrawal

This would have been Imran Khan’s first visit to the UK as prime minister. Source: Geo

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has reportedly postponed his visit to the United Kingdom scheduled for next month.

The prime minister invited by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson for a visit during a telephonic conversation between the two leaders earlier this month.

Sources claim that the prime minister decided to postpone his visit to Britain due to the country’s internal security, political and security situation in the region. He is not expected to travel to the UK at the end of this year.

Sources claimed the prime minister has decided that he would himself monitor the situation after the US troop withdraw from Afghanistan in July.

Earlier on June 7, British PM Johnson held a telephonic discussion with his Pakistani counterpart and invited him to visit the UK.

The prime minister was invited to watch the first match between England and Pakistan during the upcoming cricket team’s tour in July.

He was also expected to hold separate meetings with British parliamentarians and ministers. This would have been Imran Khan’s first visit to the UK as prime minister.

Environmental leadership

Earlier this month, Prime Minister Imran Khan and his British counterpart spoke about the relations between the two countries, the Afghan peace process, COVID-19 pandemic and climate change.

PM Imran Khan had thanked Boris Johnson for his thoughtful video message for the World Environment Day event held in Islamabad last week. He expressed the hope that Pakistan and the UK will be able to forge stronger ties in the future, particularly in trade and investment.

The premier lauded the British leader for his efforts in “effectively combating COVID-19 pandemic in the UK”.  PM Johnson was also briefed on the steps taken by Pakistan to tackle the coronavirus.

PM Imran Khan has also urged the British premier to revisit his government’s decision of placing Pakistan on the red list of travel ban countries.

The British premier also congratulated PM Imran on the “success of the UN World Environment Day event, which Pakistan hosted with the UN” last week.”

Both the PMs also discussed the coronavirus pandemic and agreed to “work together to defeat the pandemic” in their countries and around the world.