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Pakistan among 110 nations invited by US for virtual Democracy Summit

The Biden government did not invite China and Turkey to participate. Pakistan was invited. (Photo: Lahore Herald)

WASHINGTON: A virtual meeting on democracy organized by the United States will be held in December in which Pakistan has been invited to participate.

According to details, relations between Pakistan and the United States began to improve. Around 110 countries, including Pakistan, have been invited to attend a virtual meeting next month organized by the US government.

On the other hand, continuing the policies of ex-US President Donald Trump, the Biden administration’s foreign policy seems to be against China. The news agency says that China and Turkey were not invited to the meeting. The US State Department says the virtual meeting will take place on 9th and 10th December next month.

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The Biden administration has made it clear that democracy is needed to meet the challenges of the world, including the United States. On the occasion of World Democracy Day this year, President Joe Biden said that democracy is not without its flaws.

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