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Pakistan, Japan agree to sign MOU for blue collar workers

Pak-Japan agree on signing of MoU for labours’ export
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan and Japan have agreed to negotiate on the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the export of skilled blue-collar workers from the country.
The senior diplomat Yusuke Shindo has expected that the MoU could be signed between the two countries in November. He said that Japan intended to attract up to 500,000 blue-collar workers from all over the world to Japan over five years by 2025 and further enhance it by 2030.
Yusuke Shindo said that the new VISA policy for immigrant labor came to an effect from April 1st of this year. It creates two new categories of visas for blue-collar workers in 14 sectors as Japan was facing a labour crunch.
Yusuke Shindo said that Japan has decided to open the labor market in 14 different sectors, including construction, nursing care, agriculture, manufacturing and light engineering and some other sectors.
The diplomat praised Pakistani workers who were working in Japan, saying they are more skilled and working with full commitment and honesty.
He said that Japan has open doors for foreign Workers of different courtiers to undertake a policy initiative to alleviate problems caused by its rapidly growing old population of more than 60.
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