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Ninth grade student introduces WhatsApp-style application

KARACHI: A ninth-grade student from Karachi has introduced WhatsApp style application based on many advanced features after three years of hard work.

Just as wealth is not a personal legacy, intelligence is also not a personal legacy. A recent example of this is Nabeel, a talented young student of ninth-grader who has introduced an ‘application’ based on many advanced features, including texting more than 500,000 people at a time.

As per details, the young talented boy Nabeel developed a WhatsApp-style application based on several advanced features called “FF Meeting”.

According to Nabeel, the application has many advanced features including the facility of encrypted calls, themes in different colors for people’s choice, the facility to message more than 500,000 people at the same time.

Nabeel’s father sells chickens and donuts in Karachi’s Dastgir area. Nabeel developed this application which was made possible by his father selling chickens and donuts.

Nabeel was given a laptop and other equipment to develop the application and today this application is succeeding in gaining attention, so far more than 100 people have downloaded the application on the Play Store.

Everyone should work hard. Success, honor and wealth are in the hands of Allah. Some people are afraid of new experiences in spite of their ability, but Nabeel did not do so.

The government should give full support to the youth working in the IT sector and other fields so that Pakistan can shine in the world.

Talented youths like Nabil are the pride of this nation. Let’s promote this talent of Pakistan and encourage the child by sharing it.