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Nadia Jamil shares traumatic experience at Heathrow airport

Nadia Jamil Khan was offloaded from British Airways.

Actress Nadia Jamil Khan has shared a “traumatic and awful” experience on a British airline as she was flying from London back to the country.

In a series of tweets, the actress said “cancer and chemotherapy was easier” than the treatment she received by British Airways at Heathrow. Nadia was returning to the country but was not allowed to board as she didn’t her a copy of her NICOP while the airport was completely deserted. 

She said she was left abandoned in a wheelchair with suitcases lying around her as was “exhausted, drained and depleted” by the experience and waiting for over four hours at the airport. 

“It takes a lot 2 drain positivity out of me. I (never sic) been so intimidated, humiliated & helpless in my life,” she said, adding that she had informed the staff about her health as they offloaded her.

She said the airline staff left her to sleep alone on Terminal 5 and expected a wheelchair-bound passenger to carry herself and three suitcases to Cambridge by herself. 

She said she informed the staff about her health but they ignored her. She eventually self-wheeled herself out of the airport as there was no one in the airport. She eventually got a cab and passed out as she was exhausted.

Nadia said she will visit the Pakistan High Commission on Monday to lodge her complaint against the airline. The airline responded and said they were sorry to hear about the difficult experience. They said they will get back in touch with her.