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Karachi faces traffic woes during Pakistan-South Africa match

KARACHI: While Karachi is hosting the first test match against South Africa starting January 26, the traffic faces the brunt as major thoroughfares being blocked due to heightened security on Shahrah-e-Faisal and Stadium road.

The match will be played at National Stadium from January 26 to 30. Different roads and arteries near the venue will remain closed for traffic from 9AM to 6PM.

The Main Shahrah-e-Faisal remained blocked intermittently due to security for international athletes as they move each day for the training sessions being held at the National Stadium.

The busy M.A. Jinnah road is also affected due to development works on Jahangir Road. The connecting roads are bottlenecked as well due to the influx of traffic particularly around rush hour periods.

The ongoing development work on Jahangir Road, joined by Teen Hatti (Trinity) Bridge built means the traffic flowing towards Guru Mandir is redirected to Jail Chowrangi.

The Shahrah-e-Faisal will be temporarily barricaded in the morning while Stadium road and all the link roads leading to it will be blocked throughout the day which will increase the burden on adjacent roads.

The Karachi traffic police have revised their plan for the Karachi Test between Pakistan and South Africa but the problem could persist. People have been advised to take alternate routes during these days.

All kinds of traffic won’t be allowed to proceed towards Stadium Road from Liaquatabad via Hassan Square Flyover and University Road/Expo Turning towards Sir Shah Suleman Road.

All vehicles will be diverted from the flyover to University Road. Similarly, National Stadium Flyover will remain closed for all kinds of traffic.

Small vehicles will be allowed to proceed on Habib Ibrahim Rehmatullah Road towards Stadium Signal. Heavy/public transport vehicles will not be allowed.

Dalmia Road will remain open for small vehicles from Millenium to Stadium Signal. Heavy/public transport will not be allowed. University Road/New Town turning will remain open for small vehicles towards Stadium Signal.

All heavy traffic vehicles will not be allowed to proceed from Sohrab Goth to NIPA, Liaquatabad No 10 to Hassan Square, and PPP Chowrangi towards University Road during the match The traffic police have urged the masses to follow the instructions to avoid any inconvenience.