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‘An irreparable loss’: APS survivor Waleed Khan remembers losing his best friends

Waleed Khan, one of the survivors of the Army Public School (APS) Peshawar tragedy, has remembered the terror incident on its sixth anniversary.

He said he cannot believe it’s been six years. “In these six years my life has been a roller coaster ride with many ups and downs but one thing that remained constant was the pain of losing my best friends,” he said, calling it “an irreparable loss.”

Throughout this journey, Waleed said he has learned so many valuable lessons. “It has taught me to overcome my fears, it has taught me that it’s ok to cry, it’s okay to have fears but giving up should never be an option,” he said.

“Above all it gave me a sense of realisation that my weakness can be my biggest strength,” he added. He said heas was forever grateful to all his friends and family and all those who have supported and encouraged him throughout.

Waleed Khan was only twelve years old when six gunmen attacked his school in Peshawar. He suffered six bullets and was unconscious for eight days.

He spent the next two years in a hospital in both Pakistan and in Birmingham, UK recovering from the physical and mental trauma of the attack. He has undergone twelve surgeries including six facial plastic surgeries.

Waleed Khan is now a member of the British Youth Parliament. He recently has brought laurels for the country by winning Youth Parliament elections in Birmingham.