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Indian styled gol gappe, a crispy snack filled with spicy tangy water

Golgappas. this word is enough to make your mouth feel watery. This well-rounded snack is one of the most popular multi-cultural snacks. There is no doubt that golgappa brings the spicy and tangy side of Pakistan together and why not? The crunchy puris filled with tangy spiced water have not only mesmerised Pakistanis but people from other countries as well.

The love affair of Pakistanis with golgappas seems endless, but it’s really no mystery why. From mashed potatoes to chickpeas, from tamarind water to crunchy gappa, the amazing gol gappas continues to captivate us. We all have eaten almost every desi-styled gol gappe but have you ever tried Indian style gol gappas? 

‘Tripple Z’ is a recent spot at Karachi’s F.B area and it’s one of the best places to get your Indian-styled gol gappas. The food is hygienic and also quite filling. It can even be a decent place to go for snacks if you feel like having gol gappe.

Here you’ll be greeted by the nice man named Zia Aslam who owns the place and that will serve as a start to elaborate experience you’ll have at Tripple Z.  The venture serves two types of gol gappas i.e. meethe gol gappe and khatte gol gappe.

The filling is made of lightly mashed boiled potatoes with black salt, sliced onions, chickpeas, zeera, tamarind pulp, gurh and pudina chutney, meetha dhai, spices, chili powder, and last but not least it is topped with minty-tamarind chutney.

The aroma of zeera, methi, dhania, and ajwain is enough to give you a heart melting treat. The special pani served with crispy gappas is made with mint leaves, ginger, tamarind, and water. These ingredients are well blended along with salt, cumin powder, and chaat masala.

The gappas once filled with tamarind-induced water goes into your mouth.. it really gives a good feel to your mouth. It’s light on the pocket but definitely on the stomach and the taste stays forever with you.