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Indian political party to install Krishna statue in Mathura Masjid next month

Rajya Shri Chaudhary says that the statue will be installed after Koma Jal Abhishek on December 6 (Photo Online)

MATHURA: The Indian political party Hindu Mahasabha has announced the to install an idol of Lord Krishna in Mathura Masjid on 6th December.

The political party announced the installation of an idol at the original birthplace of the idol, claiming that the original birthplace of the idol is in a mosque near a large temple. According to the South Asian Wire, the Mahasabha officials will reach Mathura with water from sacred rivers from different parts of the country.

The date chosen for the installation of the idol inside the mosque coincides with the anniversary of the demolition of the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya in 1992. However, Rajyashree Chowdhury, leader of the Hindu Mahasabha, denied any connection between the 1992 incident and the Mathura plan.

The Mahasabha’s threat to perform rituals inside the Shahi Idgah comes at a time when local courts are hearing a series of petitions seeking the removal of the 17th-century mosque located close to the Katra Keshav Dev temple. He said that water from holy rivers would be brought for Maha Jal Abhishek.

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