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Sunday 29th January 2023 / 7 Rejab 1444

Imran terms Pak-US ties during Afghan war ‘undignified’, says we were a ‘hired gun’

PTI MPAs in Punjab being forced to quit party: Imran Khan

PTI MPAs in Punjab being forced to quit party: Imran Khan

Former Prime Minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has said Pakistan was doing US bidding during the so-called war on terror, terming the relationship ‘undignified’.

The former premier, during an interview with American channel PBS, said Pakistan acted like a ‘hired gun’ during the war on terror.

“It is just a fact that the Pakistan-US relationship has been lopsided … In Pakistan, we have been — well, the war on terror, we were like a hired gun. And I think it is a very undignified relationship.” He said.

If elected, Imran said in response to the question of whether he could work well with the US: “The US is a democracy. Critics are welcomed in democracies. In democracies, opposing viewpoints are welcomed. Slaves under masters don’t.”

He said that Pakistan’s relationship with US is important for us.

“Just because of the regime change, it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have any contacts with the US going forward. And I have my right to criticize.” He added.

The PTI chief said that not holding polls immediately could lead to chaos. He is concerned that the incumbent government could leave the country heading towards “economic chaos”.

“If they (the government) don’t hold elections immediately, it doesn’t bother my party, because we are gaining all the time.” He said.

“But our worry is that they will leave the country in a … state where it will be beyond anyone’s control.”

The PTI chief said if the current government goes the whole way, fine, we will wait.

“My only concern is that the way things are going, we could be heading toward chaos. I mean economic chaos”.

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