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‘I am sorry. I am ashamed’: Iffat Omar on getting COVID-19 vaccine

Actress Iffat Omar has finally apologised for receiving COVID-19 vaccine.

Taking to Twitter, the actress expressed that she is feeling ashamed, “I am sorry.I am ashamed.I apologise from the bottom of my heart.I will repent,” she wrote. 

Social media had accused the actress of abusing her privilege to get vaccinated when more deserving citizens still have to wait. Earlier, Omar was seen receiving the vaccine in a viral video, after which, people started criticising her, some social media users even believed that she is violating the law.

It should be noted that in the first phase in Pakistan, the coronavirus vaccine is being given to health workers and elders above 60, while those aged 50 can so far only register for a shot. There is no commercially available vaccine against the coronavirus in Pakistan yet.