Has someone blocked you on WhatsApp? Find out how

WhatsApp, the most used messaging application around the world, often introduces new features for the convenience of its users.

It should be noted that WhatsApp introduced the blocking option on the application, after which many people are concerned about how to find out who has been blocked WhatsApp, but there are some tricks that Guessing you will know that you have been blocked.

If you are able to check the number of the said user in WhatsApp to see when he/she was last online, but still see the same status after the passage of time, then it is possible that he/she has blocked you.

Similarly, if you suddenly stop seeing your contact number’s profile photo, it is likely that the user has blocked you.

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Also, you can send a message to this user, if the message is not received, there are two possibilities, one is that you have been blocked and the other is that this user does not have internet.
Or call that user once on WhatsApp, if the call status doesn’t show Ringing then it means exactly as described in recipe 3.

The most important thing is that you try to create a new group on WhatsApp and try to add the user you suspect to be blocked to the group.

If while adding to a group you get a WhatsApp message saying that you are not authorized to add this user, then there is a high possibility that this user has blocked you.

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