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Gang blackmailing women by obscene videos surfaces in Gujrat

Gang blackmailing women by obscene videos surfaces in Gujrat

A criminal group involved in filming obscene videos of women for the purpose of blackmail has emerged in the jurisdiction of Daulat Nagar police station, Gujrat district, it was reported on Sunday.  

This sinister operation has recently come to light, sending shockwaves through the local community.

According to sources, a plethora of CCTV footage capturing women in compromising states surfaced on social media platforms, exposing the nefarious activities of the culprits behind this heinous operation.

It is alleged that the perpetrators initially developed friendships with women, subsequently filming them sneakily in compromising positions.

Sources further disclosed that the accused in collaboration with their associates, clandestinely installed hidden cameras within their shops. These covert recordings were then exploited for the purposes of blackmail, leaving the victims vulnerable and emotionally distressed.

Regrettably, the local law enforcement authorities appear to be grappling with this grave situation, raising concerns among the public about the effectiveness of the police response.

The circulation of these indecent videos on social media platforms has caused widespread panic and outrage throughout the area.

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