ISLAMABAD: Minister of Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhry has said that the schools and colleges are promulgating extremism countrywide.

This he said while addressing a ceremony in Islamabad. Fawad said that the problem does not lie in Islamic teachings, it lies in their interpreters. It is not Madraas that are producing extremism, it is the schools and colleges widespread in country who are producing extreme mindsets.

Moreover, he said during 1990s and 80s due to the recruitment of extreme-minded people, the youth became extremists. Fawad added that Islam is the religion that promotes peace and balance in one’s life. The claims of Fatwas are very common.

The minister point out that Pakistan Army is the sixth biggest power around the world. The country does not hold threats from India, US and Europe but from its own people. 

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Pointing out another “dilemma” pertaining to the issue of extremism, Chaudhry lamented that “we have destroyed the policing and law enforcement system developed by the British here.”

“And we didn’t even come up with a replacement [for the system].”

Lamenting that the institutions of “numberdar, chowkidar and thanedar” had been destroyed, he elaborated that “opposing views will not be given space until people’s lives are safeguarded, and their lives cannot be protected until the law is enforced.”