Earth Hour 2021: The time for global action

The movement for Earth Hour began in 2007 from Sydney with the main aim to save the planet earth. Lights are turned off for an hour to synchronize with this occasion under the flag of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

Now, Earth Hour has developed to become one of the largest global grassroots movements for the environment, inspiring communities, businesses, individuals, and organisations in more than 190 countries and territories to take solid environmental action for over a decade.

Earth Hour -Focused on the climate crisis

Historically, Earth Hour has focused on climate issues; however, more recently it has attempted to also bring the pressing matter of nature loss to the fore. The purpose is to create an inevitable movement for nature, as it did when the globe came together to deal with climate change issues.

There are little debates that climate change and ecological deprivation are the direct results of our deeds and actions on nature and the natural reserves we have. When we don’t deal with nature well, it hits back, as it has done at the present and through natural disasters. The world was experiencing varied impacts of climate change and it is imperative to empower people to become part of climate change initiatives.

Pakistan ranked 7th among the top 10 countries

Pakistan listed number seven among the top 10 countries most susceptible to climate change, according to Global Climate Risk Index, a Germany-based watchdog.

Energy crisis, food shortages, endemic diseases, Floods, droughts, mass migration, ecosystem degradation and economic deterioration were some of the key threats of climate change in the country. The escalating temperature was not only disturbing but has also turned into a grave problem.

Environmental experts have constantly predicted that Pakistan’s climate becoming increasingly uncertain, resulting in frequent and devastating flooding in some regions and droughts in others, glacier melts, and — more prominently — temperatures higher than the global average.

Steps need to preserve nature

We need to keep in mind that conservation is more vital than consumption. What we have today requires being obtainable tomorrow for the next generation and those that follow and we need to leave the world in a better shape for them.

Since right now we are going through a change in which we are learning new ways due to the COVID-19 outbreak this is the right time to acclimatize to a new normal, both for our own welfare and for that of nature.

Here are some approaches to preserve nature and natural resources, although there are so many other ways to which you can simply assume and urge other people to do so too. Plant trees; reduce power consumption, recycle and reuse, cut down on paper usage and other ways to protect nature.

We can begin using things that are less injurious to the environment, such as biodegradable products and renewable energy. Even a single positive step has an impact; let us promise to take at least a few of these measures.

Good policies of PTI govt

It is worth mentioning here that the world admired Pakistan’s environmental policies, response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and climate action plan.

Under the leadership of Prime Minister, Imran Khan the PTI’s government adopted policies to tackle global warming, minimize the effects of climate change and other steps including the Billion Tree Tsunami program and the creation of 15 new national parks across the country.

Prime Minister Imran Khan while issuing a special directive for Earth Hour said that the people should fully support the government for a pollution-free environment. On the occasion of Earth  Hour, the Prime Minister’s House lights will be off for an hour from 8:00 to 9:00  on the orders of the PM.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that improving the environment is one of the top priorities of the present government. In fact, Earth Hour has done much to raise awareness about the importance of individual contributions towards environmental sustainability.

The movement for Earth Hour can only be successful when pollutant cities and countries will work impartially and genuinely for general interests, disbanding their notional and individual arrogant grudges.

It is the duty of every human to play a role in creating awareness and educating others to love and protect nature as human survival is directly connected with the perseverance of nature.

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