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Despite his disability a man suffering from polio affirms to work hard

A man named Ali Hassan works hard day and night on a tyre puncture shop despite suffering from polio since the age of one.

Ali Hassan said, his friend brought him to a tyre puncture shop. When the owner of the shop asked if he can do this work or not to which Hassan’s friend replied, “Give him a chance at least”. Since then he has been working here for almost about 14 to 15 years.

Hassan talks about the reaction of customers that, “first when they see me at the shop with affected polio leg, they get worried if I can do this work or not? But after I take them into confidence they get satisfied with my work.”

While talking about his strengths Hassan says that, he assures himself that he can do better than normal people, “nothing in this world is difficult for me as things get difficult for those who lose their will.” Moreover, Hassan believes that inflictions upon us come from God and they shouldn’t become a hurdle in our ways.

Furthermore, Hassan wants to be an example for others that, when they see him working hard, even while having polio they should get inspired by him to put more effort into their lives.

In addition to that, Hassan wants to deliver his message to those who beg at different places that, they should try to find some earning instead of begging. He also wants the public to provide ways of earning for beggars instead of giving them money.

Meanwhile, Hassan is a true role model for those who lose hope and a motivation to work hard in their lives. He makes us believe that any physical weakness is not considered a weakness unless it gets on our mind and our will.

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