COVID-19 patients may experience cardiovascular problems: Study

LONDON: A recent study has stated that a few COVID-19 patients may experience serious cardiovascular complications.
Researchers recently started paying attention to the relationship between the disease and cardiovascular symptoms as they assessed data from people who received medical care for COVID-19.
The journal Radiology published several studies showing a link between COVID-19 deaths and the occurrence of blood clots that impair circulation, an issue that increases the risk of life-threatening medical events.
Meanwhile, a review of available evidence indicates that COVID-19 is sometimes associated with serious cardiovascular outcomes, including heart failure and heart attacks, as well as blood clots.
The researchers assessed the evidence presented in 45 studies that mentioned COVID-19 and a potential link with cardiovascular effects. Moreover, some possible treatments of respiratory disease could end up harming cardiovascular health.
Myocardial injury refers to heart problems associated with an abnormally high level of troponin, a protein involved in the regulation of heart muscle contractions.
Additionally, the researchers say that people with COVID-19 may also face a risk of heart attacks and that heart failure may already be present in a significant number of people who enter the hospital with COVID-19.
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