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Court exempts PM Shehbaz, CM Punjab from appearance

LAHORE: A court in Lahore on Wednesday exempted Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shehbaz from attending Wednesday’s hearing of a money laundering case against them.

The Lawyer for both Shehbaz and Hamza told Judge Naseem Ahmed Virk that the prime minister was busy in Islamabad due to the National Assembly’s (NA) session, Hamza, on the other hand, could not appear because he had to attend the Punjab Assembly’s budget session.

Meanwhile, the lawyers of Shehbaz and Hamza will be giving arguments in the favour of granting to their clients’ permanent exemption from appearance in the court.

The Court on Monday issued the written order of approval of the interim bails of PM Shehbaz Shairf and Punjab CM Hamza Shahbaz in the money laundering case.

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Sessions Central Court’s judge Ijaz Hassan Awan issued the written decision consisting of twenty-two pages.

The written decision stated that no clues have been found for the charges of unlawful use of authority and bribe against the PM and Punjab CM. Further investigation is required over the allegations of corruption, bribe and unlawful use of authority.

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