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Casting couch does exist in entertainment industry: Faryal Mehmood

After Saba Bukhari’s claims exposing the darkest side of showbiz, actress Faryal Mehmood also disclosed that the casting couch does exist in the Pakistani entertainment industry.

Earlier this week, actress Saba Bukhari disclosed her experience with the casting couch that what ‘advice’ she got from different ‘men’ and ‘directors’ in the industry during her struggling period as an actress which was mainly on the casting couch. 

However, similar claims were made by Faryal Mahmood recently in an interview that people it is a lie that the casting couch does not exist in the entertainment industry, it does. She also revealed that actors who say everyone in their struggling period were helpful, lie.

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Actor Faryal Mehmood who is currently playing Insha’s character in Raqeeb Se shared her professional journey in the industry so far. Without worrying about the consequences, Faryal shared that she believes that as long as she’s honest to herself, she will be fine. “If you are honest to yourself, if you know what’s right and you just keep your focus on one thing and keep working there is no way anyone can ever stop you.”

Faryal continued, talking about the problems she had to go through, due to lack of Urdu fluency, “In between the shooting sometimes I got afraid and worried that I’m not acting and these other co-stars are such good actors. I was so scared the entire time while shooting.” According to Faryal, she did not study the Urdu language after third grade so it was quite difficult for her to pronounce some of the lines in the script.