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Bilal Maqsood requests FM Stations not to broadcast horns and car screech sounds

Leading singer and former Strings Band member Bilal Maqsood has asked radio stations not to broadcast sounds of car screeches and horns.

The Dhaani singer took to Instagram and requested FM stations across the country not to use such sounds in ads and other promos as they can be misleading and cause real accidents.

Request to FM Stations: Please don’t use sounds of car screeches and horns in your ads and other promos. They can be misleading and cause real accidents. His post was liked and appreciated by many of his fans who described his post as a valid concern.

One of the users commented, “I have always thought of that and often wondered that I’m the only one who thinks that.” Another one wrote, “I would say that for police sirens but yeah nobody cares about them in Pakistan!!”