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Beautician gang-raped by four men in Lahore

LAHORE: A beautician was allegedly gang-raped by four men after being called to a house on the pretext of getting the make-up done of a woman.

The victim Huma Karamat, a beautician living in Yohanabad, had filed a complaint at the Nishtar Colony police station. She claimed that six months ago, she had received a call from a nurse name Asiya who called her to come to her house for make-up services.

The victim said they offered her juice mixed with drugs and then raped her. She also said the suspects made her objectionable videos and continued to blackmail her for six months.

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The victim said the accused threatened to make her video viral if she told anyone. Then they called her home again and threatened to kill her brothers.

Police have filed a case against five accused including the nurse in the case. The suspects have been named as Sarfraz Jeewan, Saleem, Nazir, and Munir Masih.

Police said an investigation was being conducted as the matter looked suspicious, adding that the real facts would come to light and the perpetrators will be brought to light.