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Ayesha Akram finally opens about accusations against her

Ayesha Akram has alleged that Rambo had blackmailed her and taken Rs1 million from her (Online)

TikToker Ayesha Akram, who became famous after claiming she was harassed by a mob of men on Independence Day, is facing backlash after accusing Rambo of blackmailing her.

Ayesha Akram while getting her partner Rambo arrested blamed him for extorting Rs3 million from her. The TikToker in her recent interview responded to all the accusations by saying that the visit to Minar-e-Pakistan on Independence Day was not hers but Rambo’s idea.

Talking about the leaked audiotape, Ayesha mentioned that it’s not true, Rambo is just trying to blackmail her. She also requested the police to take serious action against Rambo and his team members who are constantly blackmailing her.

She also responded to the accusations of the harassment incident being planted and said that she has deleted her TikTok account, and hasn’t posted any video since the last two months. According to her, the incident was real and not planned by her.

She also stressed her life being in danger and how the TikToker has been receiving threats. According to Ayesha, she started receiving threatening calls from outside the country when she nominated eight suspects in her supplementary statement in the case lodged earlier by her in the harassment case.

Ayesha Akram, had nominated Rambo and 12 others in the statement, holding them responsible for the incident. It must be noted that Rambo is the person who was seen defending Ayesha in numerous videos following the incident going viral.

According to the police, of the 104 suspects initially taken into custody for allegedly assaulting Ayesha, six have so far been identified by the victim, while three have confessed to the crime.