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Another video of Usman Malik’s wife surfaces online

Actress Uzma Khan and her sister Huma Khan have become the latest victim of a leaked video on Twitter in which the actress was accused of having an illicit relationship with Usman Malik, the grandson-in-law of the business tycoon Malik Riaz.
Since then, multiple statement videos of Uzma Khan and the wife of Usman Malik are being surfaced on social media platforms sharing their side of the story.
In the latest video, Amna Usman, wife of Usman Malik claimed that she had tried everything a traditional eastern woman would do to save her marriage.

“I gave my husband multiple chances, I even sold my cars, properties, a house, and even my personal belongings for my husband as according to him, he was going through some monetary crisis,” she claimed. “However,” she continued, “I did not know all of my assets were being given to Uzma Khan, this girl has occupied a huge amount of my property,” she claimed.
She expressed, “This situation has pushed me to the extent that I am taking a divorce, I am literally drained out and left with nothing, I am thankful to my in-laws that they are on my side in this matter,” she added.
Amna Malik earlier in her first video statement claimed that her husband was having an extramarital affair with Uzma Khan and that she had warned her several times not to destroy her marriage.
On the other hand, the actress in a press conference claimed that she had been harassed, assaulted, and threatened to be killed in the past three days.
She, however, had decided to fight against Amna Malik for barging into her house, threatening her, and physically assaulting her.
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