Ali Zafar-Gul Panra starrer ‘pashto song’ to be released on Sept 22

Ali Zafar has dropped the first teaser of his electrifying Pashto song featuring none other than Gul Panra (News Update Times)

KARACHI: Famous singer and actor Ali Zafar has released a teaser of his first pashto song featuring the singer along with co-singer Gul Panra.

The singer shared the news on his multiple social media accounts, according to which, the song will be released on Wednesday.


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Through a teaser, it can be seen that Ali Zafar has presented Pashtun culture very in his upcoming song. While addressing his fans, the singer invited people to guess what would be the name of the song. He also shared that his song sung along with Gul Panra will be released on Pashtun culture day.

Before this, Ali Zafar released his Balochi song Laila O Laila with Urooj Fatima in October 2019 and a Sindhi Allay (Munja Mar Wara) with Urooj and Abid Brohi on November 26, 2020.

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In a recent interview, Zafar revealed that he is all set to release his fourth album. Sharing details of the upcoming release, he said, “The name of the album is Husn, and I was about to release it last year but then Covid happened. So I figured what’s the point if you create an album and then are unable to tour and perform your music.”

Speaking about how his musical output has been fairly steady so far, Zafar explained, “I kept releasing singles and doing songs for Coke Studio, so it’s not as if my music hasn’t been reaching people. Even recently, I’ve released singles. But, I’ve made an album, and it’s a very different one.”

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