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Air ambulance for ailing Umer Sharif to arrive in Karachi today

Umer Sharif would be taken to the airport from the hospital. Source: Twitter.

KARACHI: An air ambulance to transport ailing Umer Sharif to the United States for treatment is expected to land in Karachi today.

According to the schedule, the air ambulance would land at Jinnah International airport at 11PM on September 26 (Sunday) and would be refueled on the tarmac.

Umer Sharif would be taken to the airport from the hospital at 4:00AM on September 27 and the air ambulance would leave for Washington at 5:30AM.

The flight will make three stopovers at Nuremberg in Germany for changing the air ambulance, at Keflavik, Iceland, for refueling, and a short stay for two hours at Gawas Bay in Canada.

The flight will land at the Washington airport at 4:30PM (US local time) Umer Sharif would be shifted to George Washington University Hospital for medical treatment.

The actor’s family members will not be able to travel with him in the air ambulance. The comedian’s son Jawad Umer said that he, along with his brother Shehzad, and the comedian’s wife Deeba Umer, will leave for the US on Monday.

Umer Sharif has been suffering from an undisclosed heart disease. He was earlier issued his US visa after the consulate exempted him from being physically present for the interview.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) on Friday allowed the air ambulance to land at Karachi airport to transport Sharif to the US. Along with the captain, five crew members will also travel in the air ambulance.

Earlier, Reema Khan had disclosed that her husband Dr Syed Tariq Shahab has agreed to perform the high-risk procedure required on Umer Sharif.